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April brings a return of motorcycle fatalities in Columbia

In some more northerly states, motorcycle riding season is just beginning, but this year in Missouri some riders never put away their bikes. Unfortunately, that was demonstrated by the occurrence of motorcycle fatalities during the past few months.

Nonetheless, as the weather warms the number of cycles on the road will significantly increase, and all motorists, both those in cars and on motorcycles, need to use extra caution to prevent adding to that death toll.

April has already seen a fatal motorcycle crash in Columbia, as earlier this month a man crashed at around 2:30 a.m., apparently after losing control of his bike. The motorcycle skidded off the road and hit a street sign and utility pole. While the driver was wearing a helmet, his injuries were so severe that he died at the scene. The police suspect alcohol was a factor in the deadly crash.

Riding a motorcycle is risky enough with something like alcohol impairing your senses. Riders face any number of risks that stem from the comparatively small profile of a rider on a bike. This means many drivers fail to see motorcycles, and make left turns in front of them, or pulling out from side streets or driveways.

These collisions can cause severe injuries and many deaths among riders. 10 percent of Missouri's highway fatalities can be attributed to accidents involving motorcycle riders, and when a car or truck is involved, it is almost always the motorcyclist who suffers the fatality.

This is why it is important for riders to carefully follow the rules of the road and exercise a great deal of care when riding, as no one has a greater interest in your safety than you do.

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