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Facing a drug charge? Get help from a Missouri defense attorney

Most of you have read or heard about a criminal case in which a person received a lengthy sentence for possessing or trafficking drugs. Many times, this happens because of strict state and federal laws concerning controlled substances. In a lot of cases, a person receives a harsh sentence because of the evidence that was put forward in the case. Oftentimes, this evidence is collected over a considerable amount of time, which creates a rather damning scenario the accused must contend with.

Although it's common knowledge that everyone has the right to an attorney when facing criminal charges, some still do not assert this right. In some cases they do not seek legal representation because they're afraid the evidence against them is too extensive. In others, a person may not have the funds necessary to obtain and retain an attorney.

But what our more frequent Columbia readers have seen from past posts is that a good criminal defense lawyer is not only a worthwhile expense but oftentimes necessary when facing serious criminal charges. Whether it's a misdemeanor possession charge or a felony trafficking offense, prosecutors will present whatever evidence they can in order to secure a conviction. Without the right advocate at your side who knows the law inside and out, it's nearly impossible to know when these tactics are in accordance with the law and when they are violating your civil rights.

Talking to a lawyer is a good first step towards protecting your rights and making sure that your side of the story is heard. Here at Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer we understand that there is a lot at stake when facing a conviction, which is why we will use our experience to build the case you need to defend your rights and freedom.

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