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May 2015 Archives

Motorcycle accidents, injuries, deaths will be on the rise

With the weather getting warmer, there will be more motorcycles out on Missouri roads. This also means that there is a higher chance of motorcycle accidents occurring. Since motorcyclists are not afforded the same protection as a driver in a truck, motorcycle accidents almost always result in serious injuries. 

Parents who serve alcohol at parties can face charges too

In a matter of a few days, graduation ceremonies will commence for high schools across the state of Missouri. Along with school festivities also comes individual parties for each graduate. And while some parents may want to respect the law and avoid serving alcohol to minors, some parents might not see the harm in honoring their child's -- and their friends -- passage into adulthood with an alcoholic beverage.

Temporary order granted international child custody case

Many child custody cases are not simply decided after one hearing. It is not unusual for temporary orders to be handed down in situations in which a family's needs or the children's need evolve over time. When a case crosses Missouri state lines or even international borders, the process of determining child custody can be complex and time consuming for the parents and the children involved.

Restrictive divorce laws and divorce rate: any connection?

Missouri's neighboring state to the south, Arkansas, has a problem. It has a high divorce rate. And the legislature seems to have thought that the problem was divorce was just too easy to obtain. Being a legislature, they did what all legislature's do, the created a law.

Don't let the beginning of summer be your end

For those heading out of town on the long Memorial Day weekend who hope to avoid traffic and congestion, it may be too late. In some places, you should have left on Wednesday. Yes. Wednesday. While Columbia probably does not have that problem, according to AAA, almost 40 million people will be heading more than 50 miles away from home, which is the largest number since 2005.

Government can't keep a felon's guns, Supreme Court rules

As some of you may know, federal law prohibits a person who has been convicted of a felony from owning or possessing a firearm or ammunition. Violation of this law can result in up to 10 years in prison though the sentence can be escalated to 15 years if the individual has been convicted three or more times for a violent offense. Here in Missouri, our gun control laws for felons are just as severe, seemingly barring even non-violent felons, which is something we pointed out in a September post last year.

Stay on the lookout for slowing traffic

Road congestion means your driving trip will take longer, but it also has deleterious effects on driving safety in the U.S. With more cars on the road, there are more opportunities for accidents, as more drivers mean more human error. And when one driver commits a serious error, it can almost instantly translate in to chain reaction crashes that can involve multiple and sometimes dozens of other vehicles.

Beware alienating the affections of your spouse

Divorce is always messy. With the ending of your relationship with your spouse and your need to separate your financial affairs as well as your personal affairs, you lose something else. Your privacy. By availing yourself of the state-operated machinery of the Missouri family courts, you have to disclose many intimate details of your relationship.

What to expect with an involuntary manslaughter charge

Consider for a moment what it would be like to face an escalated drunk-driving charge. Chances are you'd react similarly to many of our Columbia readers and would be incredibly scared. That's because you, like most people, understand that the decision to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol is a frowned upon action here in Missouri and across the nation. And for those who break the law, serious consequences can follow.

Does Missouri offer expungements for drunk-driving offenses?

If you've been arrested and charged with a drunk-driving offense, you've probably had the thought that many of our Columbia readers have had. You've probably thought that your life was over. Not literally of course, but you -- like so many before you -- understand the serious impact a drunk-driving offense can have on your life, particularly what it can mean for your driving privileges and possibly even your freedom.

How lucky do you feel?

There's an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt. And if not actual contempt, it may breed indifference. The human brain often focuses on novelty. Whether the latest movie from Hollywood or rock in our shoe, we notice things that are new.

Paper logs allow truck drivers to drive longer

Truckers are limited by federal regulations to working no more than 14 hours per day and can only drive 11 of those hours. The purpose of this regulation is to prevent fatigued truck drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel of their 80,000-pound trucks and causing catastrophic accidents.