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Motorcycle accidents, injuries, deaths will be on the rise

With the weather getting warmer, there will be more motorcycles out on Missouri roads. This also means that there is a higher chance of motorcycle accidents occurring. Since motorcyclists are not afforded the same protection as a driver in a truck, motorcycle accidents almost always result in serious injuries. 

According to authorities, a recent accident has taken a man's life. The accident happened one morning in Wheatland, Missouri. A truck was trying to pull into the parking lot of a local general store when it hit a motorcycle.

The motorcycle was being driven by a 52-year-old man. His wife was a passenger on the bike. The impact of the collision caused both husband and wife to be ejected from the motorcycle. The man was pronounced dead at the crash scene, while his wife was taken to a nearby hospital with what is said to be serious injuries.

At this time, no formal charges have been filed against the truck driver. However, whether or not charges are filed in vehicle and motorcycle accidents here in Missouri, victims still have the right to pursue a legal clam in civil court, if they wish to do so. Such a claim may provide the victim or the family of a deceased victim with a monetary award that can help pay for financial expenses that occurred as a result of the accident. However, in order for a claim like this to be a success, sufficient proof will be necessary to prove that the other driver acted recklessly or negligently and caused the accident and subsequent injuries or death.

Source: ky3.com, "Polk County man killed in truck vs. motorcycle crash", Sean Barnhill, May 22, 2015

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