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June 2015 Archives

Things to consider as a property division agreement moves forward

Any split can lead to a property division dispute or obstacles to finding a fair and equitable settlement. For Missouri couples, there are certain details to consider first before agreeing to or signing a property division agreement. While each couple may be unique, certain aspects of an agreement can be quite common and should be realized ahead of time.

Racial bias in our laws lessen, still not perfect though

There were a lot of lessons to be learned from the incident in Ferguson. For many across Missouri, including here in Columbia, one of the main lessons learned was that racial bias is still prevalent in our society, perhaps even among law enforcement officers who are tasked with upholding a law that is supposed to be color blind.

Missouri Interstate 70 shut down by multi-truck accidents

The middle of the night can be a scary and dangerous time to be on Missouri roadways. Though there is less traffic at these odd hours, there are numerous other factors that make the roads risky. Tractor-trailer drivers must make it to their destination in a specific amount of time so they must clamber along the dark Interstates to make their deadlines. Truck accidents, like the recent chain-reaction semi accident in Columbia, are not uncommon in these situations.

Property division and the family home

For any divorcing couple, decisions about property division details can mean trying to find a way to divide a whole life together. One major property division decision typically involves the family home. For many Missouri families, this can be the most important and emotional decision during divorce proceedings.

Many Missouri car accidents occur close to home

Car accidents can occur anywhere, but especially close to home. A Missouri driver becomes accustomed to the routine drive home, but that drive can be changed in an instant when a negligent driver gets in the way. Recently in Butler County, a beloved teacher near her home became a victim in one of these tragic car accidents.

Can divorce cause health problems?

It was once thought that the end of a long-term relationship could lead to health problems for former partners. However, Missouri readers may be interested to know that new studies suggest that middle-age Americans who divorce are just as healthy as their married peers. It is possible, even likely, that divorce has a minimal impact on overall health. 

How bad science can leave you facing a wrongful conviction

If there is anything that crime shows like "CSI" teach of it's that forensic science is oftentimes the key to getting a conviction. Without it, prosecutors have to let "the bad guy" walk free because they don't have the evidence they need to put them away for the crime.

Pedestrian accidents can injure unsuspecting victims

In Missouri, car accidents can injure more than just those who are traveling in vehicles. All too often an innocent pedestrian, especially one who is not considering the danger of the roadway, can be impacted, injured or even killed by a negligent driver. Pedestrian accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

Case shows affect campus sexual assault claim has on accused

When conversations turn to the topic of sexual assault, most people focus on the impact such events have on victims. They often talk about the psychological impact as well as the social stigma that accompanies the act. The conversation typically then turns to the topic of justice and how it can be awarded to victims.

Alleging bizarre behavior, dad seeks child custody

Once a marriage is dissolved or annulled, a couple will need to work together if there are children involved and share decision-making responsibilities. When the marriage dissolves and there are allegations of abuse, child custody issues may be more difficult for parties to decipher on their own. Court intervention by Missouri family court professionals can ensure parental rights are respected and serious issues are handled fairly and with the best interests of the children in mind.

Car crashes occur daily in Missouri, causing injuries and deaths

It is a sad fact that car accidents, fatal or not, occur every day on Missouri roads. In some cases, car accidents may occur due to poor weather. In other instances, they may be due to the reckless driving of another driver. Unfortunately, one of Missouri's most recent car crashes has claimed the life of one of the passengers who was in the vehicle.

Financial changes during divorce need to be explored

The financial changes that affect both parties during and after a divorce reach far beyond the amount ordered for alimony or child support. Understanding the unique changes that can impact each family is the first step to minimizing the financial shock and ensuring a smooth transition for all. Missouri couples can pre-plan and work with professionals who can provide invaluable tips as a divorce moves forward and even years after a final judgment, if need be.

Supreme Court ruling may affect bail rules for immigrants

Did you know that at present time, the wording of our laws here in Missouri allow law enforcement to deny bail to an individual if their immigration status is in doubt? We are one of three states that has enacted legislation to do this. But could a recent Supreme Court decision force lawmakers to reconsider the constitutionality of such an action? Some in the state might argue yes.