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Property division and the family home

For any divorcing couple, decisions about property division details can mean trying to find a way to divide a whole life together. One major property division decision typically involves the family home. For many Missouri families, this can be the most important and emotional decision during divorce proceedings.

The home may be a source of stability for couples with children. A relatively new notion called nesting is where both parents remain the home after a divorce. This is done for the sake of the children and can be accomplished by making use of a guest bedroom for one of the parents.

Another version of both parents staying in the home involves splitting the time spent in the house. Under this arrangement, the parents alternate the time they each live in the house. This requires both parents to have an alternate place to live when it isn't his or her designated time to be in the home.

While the idea of sharing the family home after a divorce may not work for everyone, it is a property division option that is gaining steam. The financial aspect of a divorce in Missouri may impact the decision to keep or share a home as much as the stability factor. It is helpful for both parties to be on the same page in order to explore which options may work in their favor as a property division agreement is negotiated and they decide upon the best course of action for their family and their individual financial circumstances.

Source: The Washington Post, "The hardest part for parting couples: What to do with the house", Allison Klein, June 19, 2015

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