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July 2015 Archives

Missouri truck accidents: Fatal crash on Interstate 44

There are countless risks for drivers cruising the roadways at night when it is dark. Though there are typically fewer vehicles on the road at this time, Missouri highways are no less dangerous than busy daytime travel hours. If anything, the night presents its own dangers for drivers, and truck accidents during these hours are typically unfortunate tragedies.

Missouri families may find apps to help with child support issues

A child support agreement may be somewhat easy to reach at the time of a divorce. But, as a child grows or needs change, aspects of that agreement may no longer work or certain situations may not be included in the agreement. One area of contention that may require modification of an agreement or additional support for parents may be unforeseen or extra expenses. Missouri families may find there are certain apps available that families can use and incorporate into a child support modification.

Fatal hit-and-run pedestrian accidents leave family burdened

Some say that streets are a place for vehicles. But what about all the pedestrians who need to cross the street safely? In Missouri, at night or in the day, pedestrian accidents are a potential risk when crossing busy streets, even when a walker has looked both ways and the coast seems clear.

Springfield woman facing voter fraud charges

Here in Missouri, as well as in other states across the nation, it is a crime to misrepresent yourself in any way during the election process. Whether you're running for office or casting a vote, voter fraud is considered a serious offense in our state. Depending on the severity of the election crime committed, a person could face serious penalties including a lengthy prison sentence and a steep fine as well.

Star seeks child support reduction in court

When a parent seeks a modification of a child support order, it may typically entail a parent seeking more support than she or he currently receives. However, parents may also seek a child support modification based on the belief that they are paying much more than what is necessary for the care and welfare of a shared child in Missouri. Recently, movie star Halle Berry went to court to seek a reduction in the amount of child support she pays her ex-boyfriend.

Head-on collision results in fatal motor vehicle accidents

It hits in the pit of the stomach; white knuckles clench the steering wheel. One vehicle is attempting to pass another in the opposite direction. Will they get back into their lane in time? Many driver's have found themselves in this terrifying situation that, sadly, can result in fatal motor vehicle accidents like the recent accident this past weekend on a Missouri highway.

Missouri couples can prepare for financial costs of divorce

Whether or not a divorce is expected, amicable or highly contentious, the finances of both parties will be affected. Missouri couples can work to minimize the unpredictability of their financial future by preparing and understanding how a divorce will affect short-term and long-term finances. While each couple may be different on the socio-economic scale, certain financial ramifications of divorce are universal.

Proving a DWI case can be difficult

Drunk driving has long been perceived as a significant problem on America's roads. Long gone are the days when someone leaving a restaurant or bar would "have one for the road." And much of the reduction in the nation's highway fatalities from the 1980s is the result of stricter enforcement of driving while intoxicated laws.

Unique child support options becoming more popular

For most every family, child support is not just about a number arbitrarily assigned in family court. Child support in general is meant to secure the care and welfare of a child, and that definition is evolving for many. Missouri families and others may have noticed that, for some families, child support is being paid in more unique and equally effective ways aside from a traditional check each month.

Holiday weekend motorcycle accidents result in death

Holiday weekends can be one of the most dangerous times to be on Missouri roadways. There are more vehicles, including motorcycles, on the road on a Fourth of July holiday weekend. Typically, that means more potential hazards. Drivers may be distracted or careless with holiday hullabaloo on their minds. Motorcycle accidents are an unfortunate reality during these times.