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Missouri families may find apps to help with child support issues

A child support agreement may be somewhat easy to reach at the time of a divorce. But, as a child grows or needs change, aspects of that agreement may no longer work or certain situations may not be included in the agreement. One area of contention that may require modification of an agreement or additional support for parents may be unforeseen or extra expenses. Missouri families may find there are certain apps available that families can use and incorporate into a child support modification.

One app available tracks not only child support payments, but it also tracks those extra expenses. SupportPay can track extra expenses and payments, like medical bills, that one or both parents pay. This way of documenting the exchange of payments and who paid what can also be used in court if a dispute arises between parents.

Another app that families and co-parents can use as a sort of command central is OurFamilyWizard. This can track expenses, and co-parents can share a calendar, reducing confusion. It also gives parents an alternative way of communicating rather than in person or through calls, which can be difficult for some people in the middle of a divorce.

During and after a divorce, co-parents may be desperate for a more stream-lined or documented way of living up to an agreement or holding the other parent responsible for payments and obligations. As part of a modification, Missouri parents may find agreeing to use an app may help resolve some of the underlying issues related to child support. As some of the apps require a fee to use, a modification can also include provisions related to sharing that responsibility as well.

Source: forbes.com, "5 Apps That Promise to Make Divorce Easier", Emma Johnson, July 26, 2015

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