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Unique child support options becoming more popular

For most every family, child support is not just about a number arbitrarily assigned in family court. Child support in general is meant to secure the care and welfare of a child, and that definition is evolving for many. Missouri families and others may have noticed that, for some families, child support is being paid in more unique and equally effective ways aside from a traditional check each month.

Low-income parents who owe support may have a difficult time coming up with a certain amount at a certain time. This does not mean they have walked away or have failed to live up to their parental responsibility. According to a new study, a lot of non-custodial fathers in major cities across the country give what has been labeled as "in-kind" support to children. This refers to buying actual items that are needed or otherwise spending directly on the children in need of support.

This kind of payment has been shown to be gratifying to the paying parent, and it helps the relationship between parent and child. An arrangement like this can be beneficial in situations where the parents have an amicable relationship. This form of support can also help families avoid unnecessary litigation.

Each case can be vastly unique -- as unique as the family involved. Circumstances can also change drastically for families and therefore make an existing child support order or agreement impossible or difficult for a family or parent. Having an alternative or exploring options such as the possibility of "in-kind" child support may be the answer for struggling Missouri families.

Source: thestreet.com, "Divorced Dads Give In-Kind Child Support to Feel More Connected to Their Kids", S.Z. Berg, July 6, 2015

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