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August 2015 Archives

Labor Day means more DWI patrols

For drivers in Missouri, the long Labor Day weekend may mean the end of summer, or the last big trip of the season to the lake or a cabin before fall begins. It may mean hanging out in your neighborhood and having a picnic or cookout with your friends, or driving across town to a relative's home for a BBQ.

Missouri traffic stop raises key questions about legal search and seizure

Police officers do not automatically have a right to search your vehicle in a routine traffic stop. There must be probable cause to conduct a search, and a traffic violation such as speeding, failure to signal or a broken tail light does not in itself constitute probable cause to search.

Teen driver's negligence likely caused car accident and death

When Missouri drivers get in their car to travel or commute, they are taking a risk. No one ever knows when another driver might pull out in front of them or swerve into their lane. Sometimes, there is just not enough time to react, and even defensive driving cannot always keep another driver's negligence from causing a car accident.

Infidelity can impact property division in Missouri

Even though Missouri strives to equally divide marital assets regardless of why a couple is seeking a divorce, infidelity can still impact how that divorce unfolds and the time it takes to finalize a divorce agreement. The recent hacking of a website promoting infidelity has brought to light just how prevalent infidelity or the desire to be unfaithful may be. In Missouri, when a judge works to ensure property division is done equitably, the ripple effect of infidelity can impact that property division settlement.

Is S.590 really the balanced legislation some say it is?

In the ongoing conversation about sexual assault on college campuses, two groups have risen above the others. On one side, there are those who believe that lawmakers need to do more to protect the rights of students and victims. They believe that tougher legislation is the answer as it will better address instances of sexual assault and violence by giving victims a better sense that justice has been served.

Fatal pedestrian accidents: man sentenced to prison

Pedestrians might find themselves at the mercy of vehicles in regards to motor vehicle accidents. Pedestrian accidents are often most severe for the pedestrian. A man was recently tried and sentenced for his involvement in a Missouri hit-and-run accident that ultimately killed an innocent pedestrian.

Postcards reminding to pay child support evoke controversy

Most parents understand the importance of child support and how necessary that support is to the care and welfare of a child. Child support orders in Missouri are also legal matters that may be publicly known or may be considered a private matter for some, as is the case with many financial dealings. One nearby state has taken to sending out postcards as reminders for parents to pay child support, and those postcards are causing an uproar among some parents.

Do sobriety checkpoints really deter drunk drivers?

Last week, the Columbia Police Department employed sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols in an effort to stop Missouri drivers from driving while intoxicated. These types of checkpoints involve a roadblock, where officers will stop vehicles is a prescribed order, such as every third car, and ask the driver some questions.

Unfortunately, fatal motorcycle accidents all too common

Hazards for motorcyclists and their passengers, even those wearing helmets and other protective gear, are substantial. Motorcycle accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence throughout the summer months across the country. A recent fatal motorcycle crash near Salem, Missouri likely occurred because of another driver's inattention. 

Divorce help in Missouri needs to cover wide range of issues

The divorce process can be vastly different from couple to couple. Despite the uniqueness of each case, Missouri couples in the midst of divorce must attend to many common issues and make many of the same decisions. Having comprehensive legal guidance and support to address individual issues is necessary to ensure a smooth and timely divorce.

Property division includes financials in a Missouri divorce

When a couple decides to divorce, there are a lot of decisions to be made as a life together unfolds into two separate lives. Some of the bigger decisions in a divorce may be who gets the kids and who gets the house. However, Missouri couples can find there are many little or easily forgotten financial aspects of a property division that may get put on the back burner or mishandled altogether.

Inattention to driving leads to fatal motor vehicle accidents

Drivers must be aware at all times on Missouri roadways. There are a multitude of things demanding a driver's attention while driving: other vehicles, signs, the radio, things going on at work or at home, etc. Inattention to driving is one of the leading causes in crashes and fatal motor vehicle accidents.