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Divorce help in Missouri needs to cover wide range of issues

The divorce process can be vastly different from couple to couple. Despite the uniqueness of each case, Missouri couples in the midst of divorce must attend to many common issues and make many of the same decisions. Having comprehensive legal guidance and support to address individual issues is necessary to ensure a smooth and timely divorce.

If children are involved, to achieve the most amicable split, the custody and support for those children need to be addressed. An agreement of an appropriate amount of support needs to be reached, negotiated and finalized. Joint or sole custody needs to be decided, also. While negotiation may be best, child custody decisions may require litigation.

Support for a spouse may also be ordered. Alimony issues can involve the amount of time it must be paid and what that specific amount may be. Alimony decisions may be influenced by property division matters. It may be unclear what constitutes marital property and what is a fair settlement and split for that property. This can require careful and emotional negotiation.

There are many steps to the divorce process. For some, mediation may work perfectly and resolve issues quickly. For others, litigation may be the only route that yields results during some difficult or contested divorces. Legal support should be able to adapt to the needs of an individual case and work to ensure Missouri clients get a fair and timely divorce. Our website has more information about what all the divorce process may entail and what legal support may be able to provide.

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