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Labor Day means more DWI patrols

For drivers in Missouri, the long Labor Day weekend may mean the end of summer, or the last big trip of the season to the lake or a cabin before fall begins. It may mean hanging out in your neighborhood and having a picnic or cookout with your friends, or driving across town to a relative's home for a BBQ.

But for the Missouri State Highway Patrol and most other law enforcement agencies throughout the state, it means "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over." This campaign actually began two weeks ago and continues through the end of the Labor Day weekend. 

Law enforcement will be looking for all impaired drivers, no matter the cause, including alcohol, drugs such as meth, cocaine or marijuana, and any other substances that cause impairment. This means that prescription medicine that impairs your ability to operate a vehicle could leave you facing a DWI charge.

It is even possible that if you were sufficiently fatigued from lack of sleep, it could leave you impaired and weaving around on a highway to such a degree as to attract the attention of a Missouri state trooper.

While more police and state troopers on patrol will likely mean increased number of arrests, anyone stopped should consult an attorney. These charges can bring long term, negative consequences and must be taken seriously. From increased insurance expenses to jail time or the installation of an ignition interlock on your vehicle, the penalties for a DWI in Missouri can be severe.

No one should drive drunk, but not everyone stopped and charge with a DWI is guilty of that offense. Police often make mistakes and an attorney can help identify them and work to minimize the damage a DWI arrest can cause in your life.

Source: bolivarmonews.com, "Labor Day brings HP's 'Drive sober or get pulled over' campaign to southwest Missouri," August 26, 2015

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