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September 2015 Archives

Missouri fatal motor vehicle accidents leave families distraught

Every time that Missouri drivers and passengers enter a vehicle for a commute, errand or date, etc., they risk the hazards of the road. No one can ever know when the driver of another vehicle is going to make a decision or mistake that will change lives. Fatal motor vehicle accidents are likely the most devastating events that can happen to the victims and their friends and family.

Pursuing divorce in Missouri takes preparation

The decision to seek a divorce is not one that is typically taken lightly. In addition, making the decision to proceed with a divorce is merely the beginning. Regardless of how long a couple has been married or how much they may have accumulated in assets, there are certain steps that must be taken. Missouri couples may find the following steps to be essential as each party strives toward reaching a full and fair resolution of all important issues.

Who is at fault in fatal motor vehicle accidents?

It is incredibly sad to lose a loved one in a car accident. Fatal motor vehicle accidents are something that no one thinks could happen to them or someone they know. Unfortunately, no one can ever know when an accident will occur. A recent fatal accident in Missouri is still under investigation to determine who was at fault.

Issues with paternity involve serious legal decisions

The process of establishing paternity of a child should be taken seriously as it can affect every aspect of a parent or potential parent's life. Paternity can also impact a Missouri parent's finances in every way. Regardless of the relationship between two parents, legal support and guidance for any paternity issue can help ensure the process is fair and that the rights of parents and children are respected and upheld.

Property division agreements in Missouri can involve pets

When it comes to splitting marital property, there may be much more at stake beyond who gets the china. There are an increasing number of cases where the fate of a family pet is being disputed and becoming a vital part of a property agreement. Despite the importance of pets in Missouri families, they are legally regarded as property and still treated as such, even though judges and courts are beginning to change that stance individual cases dealing with property division.

Pedestrian accidents injure college-bound football player

It is unfortunate when bad things happen to good people. A budding Missouri athlete was one day away from reporting to his first day at Central Methodist University where he would be attending on a four-year football scholarship when he and his friend were hit by a car. Though the young man is remaining positive, pedestrian accidents can cause life altering injuries, especially for an athlete.

New license options can help with child support issues

Failure to pay child support comes with a price, especially if a parent has gone a long time without paying at all. One consequence for nonpayment in Missouri is the revocation of a parent's driver's license. For working parents, losing the right to drive can put their jobs at risk and lead to an even greater struggle to pay and stay current with child support payments. One state has evoked a new law to help enforce child support orders while helping the paying parent avoid unemployment as a result.

Who is at fault in motorcycle accidents?

Family and friends of a young man stood and cried together in the middle of the intersection where he had died just minutes earlier. This accident was the second traffic fatality of the year and the first motorcycle fatality for St Joseph. Understandably, Missouri motorcycle accidents like this leave friends and family distraught. 

Start of school year can complicate child custody issues

When a child custody agreement is drafted, many minor details parents do not usually think about may need addressed. While these details may get special consideration when a child custody agreement is reached, that agreement may lack certain provisions that can become obvious with the start of the school year. Missouri parents can make the school year less hectic by possibly adding the following tips and advice to an existing agreement or including them in a new child custody agreement.