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Issues with paternity involve serious legal decisions

The process of establishing paternity of a child should be taken seriously as it can affect every aspect of a parent or potential parent's life. Paternity can also impact a Missouri parent's finances in every way. Regardless of the relationship between two parents, legal support and guidance for any paternity issue can help ensure the process is fair and that the rights of parents and children are respected and upheld.

The process of establishing legal paternity leads to important decisions being made. Some of those decisions pertain to basic support. Other financial matters related to the child will also be determined once paternity is legally established. A legal child support order will be drafted, and representation can help address any unique circumstances involved.

Financial aspects of paternity may only be the tip of the iceberg. Matters related to custody will be decided based on paternity. This can include physical custody and the aspects of decision making rights for the child. These aspects of a paternity situation can easily become complex and emotional, meaning clear-headed legal guidance may be necessary in order to ensure the fairest outcome possible.

Paternity can be a highly personal journey and an emotional process in general. Many may find themselves in a situation where they seek to establish paternity, but they are unsure of what may happen next or how their lives will be affected in both the short-term and long-term. Our firm has more information about paternity in general and what all establishing paternity may mean for someone in Missouri.

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