Every time that Missouri drivers and passengers enter a vehicle for a commute, errand or date, etc., they risk the hazards of the road. No one can ever know when the driver of another vehicle is going to make a decision or mistake that will change lives. Fatal motor vehicle accidents are likely the most devastating events that can happen to the victims and their friends and family.

On a recent Friday morning, a multi-vehicle crash occurred in Texas County, about six miles south of Houston. The Missouri Highway Patrol reports that a northbound vehicle on U.S. 63 crossed the center line around 10 a.m. The vehicle sideswiped a motorcyclist and then hit another car head-on.

The 30-year-old woman who was driving the car that was hit head-on was pronounced dead on the scene. The motorcyclist and the driver of the car that crossed the center line were taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for serious injuries. No further information was reported regarding the accident.

In fatal motor vehicle accidents, investigations are often carried out to determine what driver was at fault. When the gathered evidence suggests negligence on the part of one or more parties, the surviving family members of a deceased victim retain the right to sue the those believed to have been at fault. Though a wrongful death claim will not bring back the loss of a loved one, a successful claim — which is typically handled by an experienced personal injury attorney — may result in compensation from a driver found financially responsible.

Source: ozarksfirst.com, “Texas County Woman Killed in Multi-Car Crash Friday”, Sept. 26, 2015