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Pedestrian accidents injure college-bound football player

It is unfortunate when bad things happen to good people. A budding Missouri athlete was one day away from reporting to his first day at Central Methodist University where he would be attending on a four-year football scholarship when he and his friend were hit by a car. Though the young man is remaining positive, pedestrian accidents can cause life altering injuries, especially for an athlete.

The accident occurred on a recent Thursday on Interstate 435 in Kansas City. An 18-year male and his friend attended a car auction in Kansas City. On their way back home to Milan, one of the new purchased cars started to have electrical malfunctions. The two pulled off to the side of the road. As they worked on jumpstarting the stalled vehicle, a vehicle crashed into them.     

Upon impact, the football player was launched 15 feet into the air and landed 85 feet away in a ditch. He suffered moderate injuries including a broken hip, broken pelvis and dislocated knee, among other injuries. His friend was thrown into the middle of the road and suffered only minor injuries. Investigating the accident, police have determined that the friends were parked a safe distance off the road. They have not yet determined if the woman that hit the boy's car was under the influence.

Pedestrian versus car accidents are terrifying. Victims who are injured in pedestrian accidents in Missouri may have the right to sue the driver who is deemed negligent. A successfully litigated suit could result in monetary compensation to help with medical costs, rehabilitation, pain and suffering and other financial losses attributable to the accident. 

Source: fox4kc.com, "College-bound football star hurt in Northland crash by suspected drunk driver", Katie Banks, Aug. 27, 2015

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