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Start of school year can complicate child custody issues

When a child custody agreement is drafted, many minor details parents do not usually think about may need addressed. While these details may get special consideration when a child custody agreement is reached, that agreement may lack certain provisions that can become obvious with the start of the school year. Missouri parents can make the school year less hectic by possibly adding the following tips and advice to an existing agreement or including them in a new child custody agreement.

Money can certainly be a point of contention in any agreement, particularly when it comes to back-to-school shopping. The cost of school supplies can be split by both parents, as those costs can add up. One idea co-parents have had is for one parent to buy the backpacks and lunch boxes while the other buys the supplies listed by the teachers.

Sharing information can also be contentious if co-parents have a hard time communicating with each other or simply want to avoid direct communication. Technology can alleviate this issue, as there are countless events and items parents need to remember as a new school year kicks off. One option is a shared Google calendar so all events are accessible and seen by both parents.

Working together to see that children have a successful school year can be a lot easier said than done when there are child custody issues for Missouri families. As with any child custody agreement, ideas may need to be updated or added as the child grows and the needs of the family evolve. Modifying a child custody agreement to incorporate these changes and find ways to better communicate at the start of the year and throughout the school year can help both the parents and children involved.

Source: huffingtonpost.com, "10 Smart Back-To-School Tips For Divorced Parents", Brittany Wong, Aug. 24, 2015

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