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October 2015 Archives

Car accidents: Driver convicted for child's death in 2013

A Missouri man was recently accused by a prosecuting attorney in a criminal case of refusing to take responsibility for his actions that led to the tragic death of a 12-year-old girl in Nov. 2013. After about three hours of deliberation, a jury convicted the man of first-degree involuntary manslaughter. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Dec. 7. Criminal convictions of responsible parties typically benefit any civil lawsuits that may be filed by families who have lost loved ones in car accidents.

Pet issues may be included in property division agreements

Property division issues can get complicated for any family going through a divorce. While child custody issues have their own unique place in family court, the decision as to where a beloved family pet may end up is considered part of the property division process. Missouri courts and courts all over the country have seen a rise in cases where the fate of the family pet, typically a dog, must be decided as part of a divorce.

Did driver negligence cause fatal cross-over accident?

In many car crashes on Missouri roads, the cause of the accident is easily identifiable. As is typical in accidents that involve fatalities, cross-over accidents call for an accident reconstruction team to identify exactly what occurred, including any evidence of negligence. One such accident claimed the lives of two people and caused serious injuries to three others on a recent Wednesday afternoon.

Grandmother flees to reservation to avoid child custody issue

The laws governing reservations in the United States and the rights and protections of those on reservations can be in direct conflict with the state law or rights of individuals outside of the reservation. A child custody case is currently unfolding as a dispute between a father and grandmother of two children leads to that grandmother seeking refuge on a reservation. Those in Missouri who have tribal affiliations may be interested in the grandmother's actions and potential consequences.

Child custody decisions involve several components

When parents separate and need to make important decisions regarding minor children, there is a lot more to consider than just where a child will sleep at night. There are two separate elements in most every child custody case. Missouri parents often must address issues concerning both legal custody and physical custody, and it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Prevalence of car and truck accidents on I-44 causing concern

Drivers who regularly use the stretch of Interstate 44 between Halltown and Mount Vernon have reported concern about their safety. The Missouri Department of Transportation was asked to analyze the crash rate on this section of the roadway after multiple recent truck accidents and other collisions have caused chaos. It appears the unexpected curve in a long stretch of straight road catches drivers unaware.

Missouri motorcycle accidents: Teen injured intersection

Driving a vehicle is innately dangerous. Drivers in Missouri, or any other state, never know when another driver on the road is going to make a bad judgment call that will ultimately result in a motor vehicle collision. Furthermore, riding a motorcycle is considerably more dangerous, because injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are often more severe. A recent accident involving a motorcycle and a car sent a young man to the hospital.

Divorce proceedings continue for high-profile couple

While some divorces may be timely and some agreements are easily reached, others may be more contentious and some disputes take longer to resolve. This seems to be the case for a high-profile couple whose divorce has gone on for over a year. Missouri couples with prenuptial agreements may be able to relate to the disagreement the couple is having regarding a prenuptial agreement, among other sticking points.