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Divorce proceedings continue for high-profile couple

While some divorces may be timely and some agreements are easily reached, others may be more contentious and some disputes take longer to resolve. This seems to be the case for a high-profile couple whose divorce has gone on for over a year. Missouri couples with prenuptial agreements may be able to relate to the disagreement the couple is having regarding a prenuptial agreement, among other sticking points.

The husband is the founder of the hedge fund Citadel. He filed for divorce in 2014 and says there is a prenuptial agreement in effect that was signed in 2003. The husband says the wife was counseled by legal professionals when she signed the agreement and claims that she has already gotten $40 million from the prenuptial agreement terms.

The wife wants the prenuptial agreement tossed out. She is now saying it was signed under duress. She contends that she is also seeking monthly child support that amounts to less than 2 percent of the husband's income. The law for support in the state in which they filed allows support to be up to 32 percent of the payor's annual income.

Finding resolutions to prenuptial agreement disputes can increase the amount of time divorces take and increase the amount of money the parties must invest toward finding workable solutions. Disputing a prenuptial agreement during a divorce may be difficult, but there are circumstances under which such an agreement may be voided, such as when one is signed under duress. In Missouri, couples can explore negotiations and mediation as means of dispute resolution or rely on litigation to ensure fair and just resolutions to divorce-related disputes, as long as the parties are prepared for the increased amount of time litigation may take.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Griffin divorce ensnares high-finance execs, limo drivers, photographer", Becky Yerak, Oct. 5, 2015

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