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Road rage shooting leads to 15 years in prison


Most people like to believe they are honest, upstanding citizens in Missouri and that they never need to worry about the criminal justice system or the courts, as they never do anything illegal.

They never plan to sell drugs or steal money at work or commit any crime. Few even believe they would drink too much and be at risk for a DUI. Unfortunately, a quick perusal of the cases that work their way through the criminal courts here in Columbia and elsewhere in Missouri, will reveal many cases where it is clear events happened with little planning.


A man from Bunker was sentenced this week to 15 years in the Missouri State prison system for a "road rage" incident. This is a perfect example of how poor choices made during a situation can turn an innocent drive into a series of events that end with a prison door slamming shut.

A pickup was driving near a Wal-Mart when another vehicle cut the driver off. As so often happens, the driver of the pickup then maneuvered back in front of the other vehicle. At this point, that driver pulled a handgun and fired two shots at that pickup, striking the tailgate.

He may have been lucky. Had the bullets struck the occupants and killed one or both, he might have been facing a murder charge and perhaps a very long time in prison.

Road rage is easy to incite and you never know the mood of the other individual or how they are armed. Driving courteously is the best way to avoid ever starting the chain of events that could lead to your facing a judge in a courtroom informing you of your prison sentence.

Source: semissourian.com, "Man gets 15 years for 'road rage episode'," MICHELLE FRIEDRICH, Daily American Republic, October 9, 2015

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