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November 2015 Archives

The risks of sex offender registration violations

Sex offenses are unlike most criminal charges in Missouri. If an individual is required to register as a sex offender, the registry can become the worst penalty of the offense. This is because this requirement may follow an individual long after they have served their time and have been released from incarceration.

Resources and resolutions for child support problems

When a parent has a difficult time meeting a child support obligation, that parent and child can suffer any number of adverse effects. When a parent is behind, unemployed or incarcerated, his or her ability to meet a child support obligation can be terribly compromised. Unfortunately, a parents in Missouri may have no idea what to do to catch up or what resources are available to help both the child and parent avoid the negative consequences of missed child support payments and increasing child support debt.

Car accidents: 3-vehicle crash sends Missouri driver to hospital

The failure to keep a proper lookout on Missouri roads can have devastating consequences. A moment's distraction can cause a driver not to notice that the vehicle in front is slowing down, and this may lead to multiple car accidents. If a safe following distance is not maintained, an inattentive driver may not be able to avoid rear-ending the car in front. This seems to have been the circumstances that caused a recent three-vehicle accident in Ste. Genevieve County.

Consider alimony facts when going through divorce in Missouri

The plethora of decisions that need to be made when a divorce is being settled can be endless and greatly depends on the individuals involved. For some people going through divorce in Missouri, alimony may be one of those issues that needs to be discussed and negotiated. Before agreeing to pay, receive or forgo any kind of alimony agreement, it is best to have a clear idea of the facts and the issues that may impact the role of alimony during and after a divorce.

Cross-over driver killed, 2 other drivers suffer serious injuries

Traveling on busy Missouri highways can be extremely dangerous. Car accidents are common occurrences, and anybody can be involved in a crash. Lives can be changed by serious injuries in a matter of seconds, and, in many cases, people lose their lives.

Paternity issues affect Missouri parents and children

The establishment of paternity influences many aspects of the parents' lives and the lives of the children involved. Missouri parents need to understand just what will or can happen after paternity is established. This includes how paternity will impact their own rights because it will open the door to obligations they may not have thought of beforehand.

Pedestrian accidents: 45-year-old man dies after being hit by car

Because pedestrians are not likely to wear protective clothing, the results are often devastating when pedestrians are struck by cars. The impact of vehicles hitting pedestrians, even if the vehicle is moving at a low speed, can cause catastrophic injuries or even deaths in pedestrian accidents. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that a fatal pedestrian accident is currently under investigation.

Missouri couples need to consider property division carefully

The decision about whether to keep a family home after a divorce can be one of the most complicated decisions a couple has to make. Those pursuing divorce in Missouri need to weigh the pros and cons of keeping their homes. Both parties should be aware of the financial ramifications of all the actions they take regarding property division.

Truck accidents: 7-vehicle crash on I-70 kills 2 truck drivers

The eastbound lanes of Interstate 70 in Missouri had to be closed for several hours recently to allow cleanup operations after a multi-vehicle accident. Truck accidents are often deadly, and this wreck involved several tractor-trailers. In all, seven vehicles were reported to have been involved, and the weather may have played a part in the crash that claimed the lives of two people.