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Cross-over driver killed, 2 other drivers suffer serious injuries

Traveling on busy Missouri highways can be extremely dangerous. Car accidents are common occurrences, and anybody can be involved in a crash. Lives can be changed by serious injuries in a matter of seconds, and, in many cases, people lose their lives.

Accident investigators are trying to determine why a driver crossed into approaching traffic on a recent Monday evening. The accident occurred on Missouri 9 in Riverside. Firefighters and police proceeded to the scene and found that three vehicles had been involved in the crash.

A preliminary accident report indicated that a northbound driver traveled across the center median and entered the southbound traffic lanes. The northbound vehicle collided with two approaching vehicles -- an SUV and a sedan. These two drivers were both injured, and they were transported to a hospital in the area. Their injuries were reported to be non-life-threatening. The driver who is believed to have caused the crash died at the accident scene.

The two injured drivers will have to deal with their injuries and the medical expenses brought about by the treatment that could continue for some time. Furthermore, serious injuries can prevent victims from returning to work, causing additional financial stress. Working through the accident-related issues can be overwhelming. In a case in which the driver deemed responsible for the accident does not survive, personal injury claims may be filed against the estate of the deceased driver. Many injured car accident victims choose to leave these legalities in the hands of experienced car accident attorneys who can pursue compensation for documented financial and other losses on their behalves.

Source: kctv5.com, "Man, 21, killed in 3-vehicle wreck in Riverside", Chris Oberholtz, Nov. 17, 2015

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