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January 2016 Archives

Missouri should proofread their regulations more closely

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled last week that the word "and" is important. It appears that the regulations governing the calibration of breathalyzers in the state had an inadvertent, but significant, mistake. The regulations that were in place from December of 2012 until January 2014 stated that breathalyzers had to be calibrated at vapor concentrations of 1.10, 0.08 and 0.04 percent.

Be financially prepared for a divorce in the New Year

The New Year brings many changes for everyone. If a divorce is on the table after the holiday dishes are cleared, there are steps individuals should take to ensure a fair and smooth transition. Missouri residents should be particularly concerned with getting financial ducks in a row if a divorce is to unfold in the New Year.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Woman, 2 children die in crash

A spokesperson for the Missouri State Highway Patrol says that although MoDOT does its best to clear the roadways of snow and ice, environmental conditions can cause thawing and refreezing of ice patches that may cause problems for drivers. For this reason, vehicle operators must be extra careful and maintain safe following distances between vehicles to avoid the need for sudden braking that could cause serious or even fatal motor vehicle accidents. One such accident that may have been caused, in part, by ice on the roadway occurred in St. Charles County on a recent Thursday morning.

Football player pays high amount of child support

Regardless of the number of children fathered by an individual, child support is ordered for each and every one of them. The amount of child support that may be ordered by a New York family court it essentially based on the income of the parents, even if that income is not guaranteed for the child's entire childhood. Missouri parents worried about the cost of child support and what to do about an uncertaincome may be interested in the story of an NFL player who has been ordered to pay around $336,000 in child support each year.

Car accidents: 1 dead, 1 injured in 3-car Jefferson County crash

Many Missouri families have had to adjust to life without loved ones who died in crashes over recent months. One of the most recent car accidents claimed the life of one person and caused serious injuries to another. This accident also involved a third vehicle and seemed to have resulted from one driver's failure to yield.

Know the facts about divorce and Social Security benefits

When a couple is married, benefits are split and shared in one way or another. Once a divorce unfolds, naturally, finances become separate and so do many benefits which were once shared. Even though wages become separate, many people may be unaware of how Social Security benefits work after a divorce and what rights an ex-spouse may have regarding Social Security payments in Missouri.

Mother of 2 suffers serious injuries in New Year's Day crash

After celebrating the arrival of the New Year, a 25-year-old Missouri mother of two accepted a ride with an acquaintance. This apparently turned out to be a bad idea, as the journey ended when the driver smashed the vehicle into a building. According to witnesses, the driver then fled the scene of the crash, leaving behind his passenger with serious injuries.

Drunk driving cases are not always what they seem (cont.)

Last time, we discussed what appeared to be an obvious drunk driving crash. The crash was horrific. One man dead. The other driver unconscious, but seemingly intoxicated. But was she? Or had she been slipped a date rape drug, attacked and raped and then as she escapes from her attacker, she crashes her car?

Child custody needs to be addressed when split unfolds

There is perhaps no other area of law that evokes more emotion and a sense of urgency than child custody. The child custody process can be contentious, difficult and complex for everyone involved as a divorce unfolds, and the process can continue as the needs and circumstances of those involved change. For Missouri families, it is imperative that parents know the complications and responsibilities that surround matters of both physical custody and legal custody.

Negligence on wet and icy roads can cause serious car accidents

Driving in adverse weather conditions on Missouri roads requires skill and concentration. Wet roads with unexpected icy patches pose challenges even to the most experienced drivers. Regardless of the circumstances, every driver who takes to the road must drive in a manner suitable for the prevailing conditions and with due care, knowing that negligence such as speeding, sudden braking or inappropriate following distances can result in car accidents with tragic consequences.