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Football player pays high amount of child support

Regardless of the number of children fathered by an individual, child support is ordered for each and every one of them. The amount of child support that may be ordered by a New York family court it essentially based on the income of the parents, even if that income is not guaranteed for the child's entire childhood. Missouri parents worried about the cost of child support and what to do about an uncertain income may be interested in the story of an NFL player who has been ordered to pay around $336,000 in child support each year.

The football player has eight children to seven different women. He is also married and has two children with his wife. It was recently announced she is currently pregnant with twins. In total, the man will be the father of 12 children. He has been ordered to pay $3,500 a month for each child and estimates indicate he will be paying around $336,000 a year for all support obligations.

The football player had a salary of $7 million last year. He has a contract for $32 million. However, he can actually be cut from the team at any time, putting his earnings in jeopardy.

What a parent has been ordered to pay in child support at the point of a split or motion in court may be a doable amount. However, if that Missouri parent's income changes significantly, regardless of the number of children, it may be difficult to continue to pay that amount. In cases where a job is lost or income takes a significant cut for any number of reasons, a modification to the child support amount may be needed in order to keep current with payments and continue to appropriately care for a child.

Source: New York Post, "Jets cornerback pays more in child support than you make in a year", Susan Edelman, Jan. 17, 2016

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