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Negligence on wet and icy roads can cause serious car accidents

Driving in adverse weather conditions on Missouri roads requires skill and concentration. Wet roads with unexpected icy patches pose challenges even to the most experienced drivers. Regardless of the circumstances, every driver who takes to the road must drive in a manner suitable for the prevailing conditions and with due care, knowing that negligence such as speeding, sudden braking or inappropriate following distances can result in car accidents with tragic consequences.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported an accident that might have been caused by an unexpected icy patch on Missouri 5. According to an accident report, the crash occurred during the morning of a recent Tuesday not far from Lebanon. Officers said a 70-year-old driver was southbound in an SUV when it apparently hit an icy patch. The driver lost control of the vehicle and crossed into the northbound lanes.

The SUV struck a minivan with a 64-year-old driver who was heading north head-on. The impact of the crash caused both vehicles to roll over. The SUV driver and a 25-year-old passenger were injured, and they were transported to a hospital along with the minivan driver and his 60-year-old passenger. Reportedly, all four of the injured victims wore their seat belts, and the severity of their injuries ranged from minor to serious.

The injured victims who were occupants of the minivan may pursue financial relief by filing personal injury claims in a Missouri civil court. Negligence by the driver who crossed the center line will have to be established before the court will consider awarding monetary compensation to the victims. Similarly, the passenger of the SUV may also wish to file such a claim against the driver. Once financial liability is established, the court will consider documented claims that may include financial losses and emotional damages.

Source: lebanondailyrecord.com, "Crash hurts 4 on Mo. 5", Dec. 30, 2015

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