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February 2016 Archives

A better solution for DUI?

One reason the criminal justice system often fails to adequately address an issue is that it is often called upon to deal with complex human behavior with a simple, often meaning cheap, solution.

Many questions need answered before property division occurs

The business of dividing the property and assets amassed during a marriage can be extremely complex. There are many questions that need to be answered before the property division process can unfold for Missouri residents. While most expect an equal split, the realities of individual marriages and divorce agreements show that the thought of equal division may only be the starting point.

Car accidents: Teenage passenger seriously injured on Highway 5

Many injuries and deaths on Missouri roads are caused by drivers who fail to yield before joining the traffic on busy highways. It only takes a moment to check for oncoming traffic, and it also takes only moments to cause car accidents with devastating consequences. One such accident on Highway 5 recently totaled two cars and caused serious injuries to one person.

It can't happen here

When it comes to wrongful convictions, most people make the same mistake. They say something like, "it could never happen to me, I've never done anything illegal." But of course, if you were convicted and you had committed an illegal act, it wouldn't be a wrongful conviction, would it?

There are legal consequences when establishing paternity

There is much more to paternity than simply establishing who fathered a child. When determination of paternity is being done or paternity has been established, there are legal consequences and legal matters that can be put into motion. Missouri parents can benefit from seeking guidance to learn what may occur and to what obligations a parent may have to adhere when paternity has been established.

Car accidents: Spine injuries can have long-term consequences

Missouri auto accident victims who have suffered spine injuries will likely have to endure years of pain and suffering. The impacts of car accidents can fracture or dislocate vertebrae, which may damage the victims' spinal cords and cause paralysis. While the severity of such injuries can vary, the physical and financial consequences can affect a victim for life.

Boxer may lose vehicle over child support debt

When someone falls behind in child support payments, there are several measures that may be taken by the courts to rectify the debt. Child support debt can typically lead to garnishing of wages, confiscation of assets and even jail time. Parents in Missouri who are behind in child support payments may be able to relate to the plight of a boxer and Olympic champion whose struggle to pay child support has garnered news lately.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: 2 teens dead, 1 seriously injured

A roadway in Lee's Summit remained closed on a recent Tuesday while reconstruction investigators tried to determine the circumstances of a crash on the previous afternoon that claimed the lives of two Missouri teens and sent the driver to a hospital. Investigators were working among the crash debris that remained on the site. Skid marks were still visible on the roadway. As with most fatal motor vehicle accidents, police officers are awaiting pending medical reports and other documentation before charges may be filed -- if any.

The problem with (potentially) lowering the BAC limit

Numerous times in recent history, the federal government has attempted to alter the one drunk driving rule that everyone seems to know: that a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or greater means a DUI is in your future. Every time the attempt to change this rule comes up, it is invariably an effort to move the blood alcohol content (BAC) limit lower. And the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently said that one of their wishes for 2016 is a reduced BAC limit.

You mean they are held to a lower standard than a bus driver.

Law enforcement is given great authority. They can take away a person's liberty with the power of arrest and they are authorized to violate numerous traffic and safety laws in the pursuance of their job. They are even authorized to shoot to kill in some circumstances. With that great authority comes great responsibility and accountability.

Don't get taken advantage of during a divorce in Missouri

It can be easy to go along with decisions or agreements in the spirit of getting a divorce over with. Anyone in Missouri who is embarking on a divorce can benefit from learning how to protect oneself in order to avoid being taken advantage of when it comes to finances. Understanding debts and assets in general is necessary to ensure an equitable property division agreement.

Negligence may have caused crash that killed father and baby girl

Fatal car accidents are always tragic, but some seem to touch the hearts of even those not attached to the victims. The apparent negligence of one driver recently caused the death of a young Missouri father and his baby. The crash reportedly occurred in Henry County on 13-Highway.