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Car accidents: Spine injuries can have long-term consequences

Missouri auto accident victims who have suffered spine injuries will likely have to endure years of pain and suffering. The impacts of car accidents can fracture or dislocate vertebrae, which may damage the victims' spinal cords and cause paralysis. While the severity of such injuries can vary, the physical and financial consequences can affect a victim for life.

Spinal cord injuries that are categorized as incomplete comprise those in which the spinal cords were not damaged, but the disks had slipped or herniated. Multiple surgeries may be required, and even after significant medical costs, the pain may persist. Complete spinal cord injuries are those in which the spinal cord is torn or otherwise damaged. This can result in the part of the body below the injury to be paralyzed because messages from that area are no longer relayed to the brain.

Regardless of the severity of a spinal cord injury, the victim's life will be changed in various ways. The adverse effects of spine injuries must never be underestimated. If such an injury was caused by the negligence of another party, the victim might have a viable personal injury claim. Establishing negligence before the court may be difficult, and a victim will need the assistance and guidance of an experienced attorney.

Missouri victims of spine injuries caused by car accidents may find comfort knowing that, while they focus on getting better, the experienced attorneys at Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer in Columbia can work on preparing claims to present in the civil court. Our attorneys will assess the circumstances of the crash and analyze the financial, physical and emotional damages sustained. The goal of the attorney will always be to obtain the maximum compensation possible to cover financial damages along with the pain and suffering the victim is currently suffering and will suffer in the future.

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