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There are legal consequences when establishing paternity

There is much more to paternity than simply establishing who fathered a child. When determination of paternity is being done or paternity has been established, there are legal consequences and legal matters that can be put into motion. Missouri parents can benefit from seeking guidance to learn what may occur and to what obligations a parent may have to adhere when paternity has been established.

Once paternity has definitively been proved, there may be a child support order handed down. There may also be other financial obligations outlined pertaining to the care and welfare of the child. This establishment of child support will be a financial obligation that a parent is required to fulfil until the child is 18, or older, depending on individual circumstances. Past expenses, such as birthing expenses, may also be owed to the other parent after paternity is established.

A paternity order can also open the door to visitation or custody issues. Legal and physical custody details can be mapped out by the parents. The amount of time a parent gets to spend with a child is only one part of the picture. The father may now pursue options related to making decisions for the child.

Paternity is an important part of the family court system in Missouri. Anyone seeking to establish paternity or who has been asked to submit to a paternity test can turn to an attorney to find out how paternity can impact his finances and family dynamic. Our website has more in-depth information about paternity in general and the consequences of establishing paternity.

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