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March 2016 Archives

Missouri residents need to discuss mortgage during divorce

Of all of the decisions that need to be made during a divorce, the fate of the marital home and mortgage may be one of the biggest. Missouri homeowners may have a difficult time deciding what to do with their home during a divorce. Knowing all of the possible options may help those in the midst of a divorce decide what the best plan may be as property division decisions are underway.

Cross-over accident causes serious injuries to Missouri driver

Traffic on State Highway 177 was delayed for over an hour in Cape Girardeau County on a recent Wednesday morning when a serious accident caused traffic to be reduced to one lane only. According to an accident report, the Missouri State Highway Patrol said a collision occurred shortly after 6 a.m. One person suffered serious injuries.

Child custody can entail both physical and legal custody

Custody is about much more than where a child sleeps at night, although that is an important part of it. For many parents in Missouri, there are complicated dynamics involved and decisions that cannot be foreseen at the time a child custody decision is finalized. Most child custody agreements and decisions will ultimately address issues pertaining to both physical custody and legal custody; therefore, it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Missouri crash causes serious injuries to 1, kills 3

Travelers on Missouri roads in Ralls County might have been delayed on a recent Wednesday night when Highway 19 was closed for several hours. This closure followed a crash that caused serious injuries that ultimately led to the deaths of three people. Crash reconstructionists are continuing the investigation.

Have you ever been really angry?

People use stereotypes because they are easy. When it comes to crime and the criminal justice system, many people in Columbia probably use some stereotypes when it comes to thinking about who causes crime in the city. Of course, it is criminals.

Understanding financial changes as part of a divorce

The impact a divorce can have on finances is very real. In fact, there is no way to go through a divorce without addressing the economic impact on both parties. Missouri residents can get a clear picture of those economic changes by knowing just how a divorce will affect their bottom line after the split is finalized.

Pedestrian accidents: Bus strikes and kills Columbia pedestrian

Pedestrians in Missouri typically expect to be safe when they cross busy roads in marked crosswalks. Unfortunately, not all drivers keep a lookout for pedestrians when they go through busy intersections. Such negligence can lead to pedestrian accidents with catastrophic injuries or even fatalities.

Scientific fact or one person's opinion?

Criminal courts have to deal with the use of scientific evidence all of the time. Numerous tests are employed. A breath test used to assert a DUI charge, a drug test designed to identify potential illegal drugs or a test that claims a hair follicle or tire tracks are connected to the accused.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Wrong-way crash kills 1, injures 1

Missouri drivers may have experienced delays on northbound Interstate 29 on a recent Thursday morning. The road closure followed a crash that occurred earlier. As is common when fatal motor vehicle accidents occur, traffic was delayed while the scene of the accident was being investigated. Northbound lanes reopened later.

Options for dealing with family business during divorce

The divorce process entails the split of virtually everything a couple had built together. While some assets or property may be easy to split as a divorce unfolds, other shared or marital property can be more difficult to divide. If a Missouri family's business is on the line, those involved in a divorce have a number of options for how that business will fare after the divorce.

Missouri parents may weigh in on child support issues

Child support guidelines provide a baseline for parents to gauge what they may owe or expect to receive. While certain factors in any family may impact the exact amount of child support a parent will owe, the guidelines are clearly set. However Missouri parents may be interested to learn that the courts may soon tackle child support issues related to the current guidelines, and public input is encouraged.

Truck accidents: Big rig smashes into bus, 2 seriously injured

Developing mechanical problems or flat tires while traveling on a Missouri highway can lead to serious accidents. However, when large vehicles such as tractor trailers are involved, the consequences can be devastating. Because of the sheer weight and size of these vehicles, victims of truck accidents often suffer catastrophic injuries -- or worse.