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April 2016 Archives

Missouri and the 'ban the box' movement

If one of the goals of the criminal justice system is to stop people convicted of a crime from doing it again, it makes sense that the system should be set up to encourage people to find jobs after paying their debt to society. But when a job application asks about your criminal record, you can bet the chances of you landing the job are slim if you have one.

Property division isn't necessarily equal in Missouri

The division of property after the dissolution of a marriage can get quite complicated even for those who do not own a significant amount of property. The property division process in Missouri is a two-step process. The first step is identifying the property eligible to be split, while the second step is determining how to split it as equitably as possible.

2 motorcycle accidents injure 4 Missouri residents

Four Missouri residents were injured in two road accidents in St. Francois County on a recent Sunday. Both incidents were motorcycle accidents that, reportedly, could have been avoided. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that the first crash involved a single motorcycle, while the accident later that day involved two quad bikes.

The application of justice may not be just

The symbol of the court system is often the figure of Justice, depicted as an enrobed woman wearing a blindfold, holding scales in her hand. Justice is blind because she is supposed to dispense justice without regard to position or power. Said another way, if you do the crime, you'll do the time.

Child support questions need answered in Missouri

Regardless of the state of the relationship between the parents, providing for any shared children is simply the law. Child support is initiated as a means of providing the financial stability and support to ensure basic needs are met. Both parties, the paying parent and the parent receiving child support in Missouri can benefit from knowing where to turn for guidance and just how current guidelines for child support can affect their situations.

3 motorcycle accidents in Columbia in 8 days

As the weather changes and we have warmer temperatures, more Missouri people take to the roads -- especially with the gas prices as favorable as they are right now. With busier roads, there will naturally be more crashes, many of which will be motorcycle accidents. Over 2,000 bike crashes occurred in Missouri last year, and authorities say fatal motorcycle crashes that have been recorded so far in 2016 have risen by 18 percent.

Is 2.5 percent a success?

Earlier this month, police in Springfield and the Missouri Highway Patrol operated a sobriety checkpoint in that city for four hours on a Friday night. Friday and Saturday evening are viewed as a prime time for drivers in the state to attempt to try their luck at drinking and driving, so law enforcement often chooses those evenings as the time to set up a sobriety checkpoint.

Divorce may require team approach for those in Missouri

A divorce is rarely a simple and uncomplicated endeavor for anyone. It may take Missouri residents aback to realize all of the aspects of their lives that need to be considered and dealt with during a divorce aside from just simply having a dissolution of a marriage. Because of the scope of issues typically involved, the entire divorce process may require a team approach.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: 1 dead, 2 injured in fatal crash

The Bureau of Crimes Against Persons is investigating an accident in which a 26-year-old woman lost her life. This was one of the many fatal motor vehicle accidents that have claimed lives on Missouri Highways. This crash reportedly occurred on Highway 141 at the intersection with Burgundy on a recent Saturday afternoon.

It sounds funny, until someone is charged with a sixth DWI

A man in Fulton was arrested last month on suspicion of a DWI. Not that remarkable, since Missouri experiences almost 30,000 DWI arrests in a year, which works out to about 80 per day. This case warranted news coverage because the man arrested was driving a lawn mower.

Motorcycle accidents: Patriotic Guard rider dies in crash

A group of motorcycle riders in Missouri -- known as the Patriot Guard Riders -- volunteers to honor fallen service members by escorting the funeral processions. Sadly, one of the riders in an honorary escort was killed while riding in formation at the funeral of a fellow service member. While all fatal motorcycle accidents are tragic, this one seems more heartbreaking than others.

Hiding money and assets during divorce leads to jail time for man

A man has just been sentenced to prison for his actions as his divorce unfolded. The man was convicted for hiding money and assets outside of the country after filing for divorce. In Missouri, courts pay careful attention to how assets are dealt with, and there are very specific laws as to what property is to be split. Just as in this case, hiding of assets during a divorce can lead to serious consequences.

On the Supreme Court, no one for the defense

Half a century has passed since the last Supreme Court justice who had experience as a defense attorney was named to the court in 1967. Justice Marshall remained on the court until 1991. He had tried numerous cases as a criminal defense attorney and had experienced the harshest aspects of last century's justice system as it played out on his clients.