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3 motorcycle accidents in Columbia in 8 days

As the weather changes and we have warmer temperatures, more Missouri people take to the roads -- especially with the gas prices as favorable as they are right now. With busier roads, there will naturally be more crashes, many of which will be motorcycle accidents. Over 2,000 bike crashes occurred in Missouri last year, and authorities say fatal motorcycle crashes that have been recorded so far in 2016 have risen by 18 percent.

Reportedly, Columbia emergency workers responded to a fatal motorcycle crash on the last Monday in March when the rider smashed into the side of a Jeep. Exactly one week later, on the first Monday in April, crews had to rush to the scenes of two bike accidents that occurred only hours apart. Authorities said most motorcycle accidents can be prevented if both bikers and vehicle drivers are alert while driving.

The most common causes of motorcycle crashes are reported to be speed, alcohol, distraction, improper lane usage and crossing the center line when not passing another vehicle. These offenses are committed by operators of both bikes and passenger vehicles and lead to many fatalities on Columbia roads. Authorities also reminded drivers of vehicles to make sure they check the natural blind spot that often results in drivers changing lanes or making left turns without yielding to motorcycles of which they were unaware.

Missouri residents who have lost loved ones in motorcycle accidents that were caused by the negligence of other parties are entitled to pursue recovery of damages. With adequate evidence of negligence on the part of another person, surviving family members of deceased bike accident victims may file wrongful death claims in a civil court. Once the court has established financial liability, it may enter a monetary judgment to cover documented pecuniary and non-financial losses.

Source: abc17news.com, "Motorcycle crashes increase with warmer temperatures", Lindsey Berning, April 6, 2016

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