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May 2016 Archives

Collision between bus and pickup blamed on negligence

On the first day of the Spokane School District's summer school program, several passengers on a school bus landed in a hospital. The bus they were in crashed at a busy intersection. It was reported that the accident appeared to have been the result of driver negligence. The incident occurred shortly before 7:30 a.m. on a recent Monday.

Motorcycle accidents: May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

During May of every year, the Missouri State Highway Patrol uses Motorcycle Awareness Month to remind road users of the importance of responsible driving. Both bikers and motorists must keep a proper lookout for each other. Typically, however, bike riders suffer more severe injuries in motorcycle accidents involving cars because of the lack of protection a bike provides.

Divorce can impact fate of home and finances in Missouri

The act of dividing assets when a marriage is dissolved can naturally involve a great deal of complications. However, one major issue during a divorce may be the fate of what is often the biggest asset owned by the parties -- the family home. For those in Missouri navigating a divorce, the financial impact of what happens with the house can have a significant impact on the outcome of the divorce proceedings and what each party may have as they move forward.

Drug sentences continue to be "ridiculous"

There is an ongoing debate over what is a 'proper' sentence for drug-related offenses. No one argues that major dealers trafficking substantial amounts of Schedule I drugs should not be sentenced to long jail terms. Most are willing to agree that first time offenders, found with trivial amounts of drugs such as marijuana probably should not be sentenced to jail at all.

Lack of child support payments leads to arrest warrant

A former NFL player is being served with an arrest warrant. While players may find themselves in the news for all sorts of activities, both on and off the field, this time it is lack of child support payments that has led to Clint Session being back in the news. Missouri fans may remember that Session's was a linebacker for both the Colts and Jaguars before leaving the league in 2011 due to concussions.

Car accidents: Wrong-way driver allegedly kills 1, injures 4

Regardless of how careful Missouri drivers are, chances are always good that another driver will be distracted, intoxicated or just negligent and cause injuries or the deaths of responsible drivers and their passengers. Drivers have little or no defense against those who cross over the center line. The resulting car accidents often result in fatalities. One such crash recently claimed the life of a 55-year-old man.

Missouri HP won't refrigerate blood samples for DUI cases

The Missouri Highway Patrol recently issued instructions to its troopers indicating blood evidence, such as a blood draw from a DUI arrest, does not need to be refrigerated. This is a puzzling announcement, as there are typically concerns that blood samples held at room temperature could lead to a compromise in quality and make the evidence worthless, or worse.

Child custody agreements in Missouri are multi-faceted

A custody agreement is rarely a cut and dry issue that never needs to be revisited by either party. Child custody agreements are often negotiated as to what the details of physical custody will be and also what the details of legal custody may be. Thereafter, it is not uncommon for a child custody agreement to be modified when Missouri parents need to make changes for various reasons.

Mock car accidents may shock teenagers into safe driving

The large number of teenagers losing their lives on Missouri roads is a huge concern for authorities. For this reason, mock car accidents are often staged at high schools to teach young drivers about the responsibilities of those who get behind the wheels of cars. One such event was recently hosted by a high school in Bowling Green.

Fingerprint id on phone offers less 5th amendment protection

Among the more powerful Constitutional protections we have is the Fifth Amendment right to refuse to incriminate ourselves. You cannot be made to testify at a criminal trial or during an investigation. If you ask for an attorney as soon as police place you in custody, you essentially never have to say another word to police or prosecutors during the criminal process.

Fate of the family pet can be a property division sticking point

Nearly two thirds of all households have a family pet. When a divorce looms, the fate of that family pet can be a sticking point in the process. While many families in Missouri do not consider the family pet property, that pet will be dealt with as part of a property division decision in all likelihood. While views over how pets are seen may be changing, the law still regards them as property, and there are some tips below for those who have a pet that will part of a divorce settlement.

Concern about number of car accidents involving older drivers

Following the deaths of two elderly Missouri residents in their 80s in a recent car accident, the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded with concern. This tragedy was caused by an elderly driver's failure to yield when she pulled onto the road into the path of a semi-truck. Reportedly, the number of fatalities in car accidents on Missouri roads that involve drivers older than 65 has increased significantly.