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June 2016 Archives

Car accidents: 2 dead, 2 injured after police warn teenagers

It is always sad to learn about motor vehicle crashes that result in the deaths of teenagers. Unfortunately, many such deaths are caused by car accidents that involve alcohol. One such a tragedy recently claimed the lives of two Missouri teens.

Silence is golden

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of what is perhaps one of the two or three most famous Supreme Court cases. On June 13, 1966, the Court handed down the decision in Miranda v. Arizona. That case altered police procedure and the portrayal of police in movies and television, and placed in the American vernacular the memorable phrase that begins with, "You have the right to remain silent…."

New legal steps taken to deal with missed child support

When a parent misses a court-ordered payment of support for a child, there are certain actions that may be taken by the other parent and by the state. While most non-custodial parents strive to make child support payments when those payments are due, any parent in Missouri in danger of falling behind may benefit by gaining an understanding of the available options to avoid potentially negative legal consequences. One state has recently decided to enact harsh consequences when a parent is significantly behind in support payments to the other parent.

Paternity cases in Missouri can affect families in many ways

Legal orders establishing who the father of a child is are important in many ways and play a significant role in family law matters both inside and outside of family court. The establishment of paternity in Missouri can open the door to a number of legal matters and actions. Those matters can affect the child and both parents in a variety of ways depending on the unique circumstances of each family.

ATVs can be fun but negligence can cause serious injuries

It is summertime, school is out, and children must be kept busy. This is the time for enjoying the outdoors, and boating, swimming, fishing and camping are activities that are prevalent. In addition, some people enjoy riding all-terrain vehicles, especially in the rural areas of Missouri. Unfortunately, negligence in the operation of ATVs has led to many serious injuries and even fatalities in the past.

Serious injuries caused by left turning pickup truck on U.S. 63

It is not uncommon for drivers to make left turns without keeping a proper lookout for other cars. This has led to many car accidents with serious injuries on Missouri highways. One such accident reportedly happened on U.S. Highway 63 in Kirksville on a recent Tuesday evening.

Perception and reality

Interesting news that the number of traffic citations issued by the Columbia Police department has declined sharply. The numbers are really amazing. According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, "Traffic tickets and summonses police doled out in 2015 decreased by 72.8 percent from 2010’s 10-year high of 13,337."

This time, it really is a technicality

In the criminal justice system, when a charge is dropped or dismissed because of mistakes by the police or prosecution, some people complain that a guilty individual went free because of a technicality. Of course, if they are not convicted, the are not guilty. And in too many cases, that "technicality" is often one of the bedrock principles of American jurisprudence.

Rear-end collisions: 2 cars and 4 bikes in crash on I-55

Whenever multiple vehicles are involved in a car accident, determining who was at fault may be challenging. In many cases, such crashes occur when traffic slows down or comes to a standstill. Rear-end collisions on Missouri roads that are caused by distracted drivers -- or drivers who follow too closely -- can have devastating consequences.

Stopped by the police? The less you say the better

One of the difficulties for most people when interacting with the police is that of knowledge. If you were pulled over by the Missouri Highway Patrol during the Memorial Day weekend on suspicion of a DUI, that trooper is very likely far more experienced at their side of the interaction.

Property division facts for Missouri divorce proceedings

Anyone navigating a divorce may experience financial upheaval and a change in living circumstances. A great deal of those changes can come about as a consequence a property division settlement. Those in Missouri considering divorce may benefit from knowing the facts about the property division process and how it may affect their future.