Legal orders establishing who the father of a child is are important in many ways and play a significant role in family law matters both inside and outside of family court. The establishment of paternity in Missouri can open the door to a number of legal matters and actions. Those matters can affect the child and both parents in a variety of ways depending on the unique circumstances of each family.

First of all, a paternity ruling in family court will start the process of financial support or child support for any child involved. There are other financial support decisions that can also come into play when paternity is established. For example, past expenses, including birth expenses, can be factored into what a parent may owe once paternity has been established.

There are more than financial matters for families to consider when paternity is determined. Custodial issues can arise and need to be agreed upon. The rights and responsibilities of each parent can now be determined. This can include how much time each parent gets with a child. It can also affect the parent’s ability to make decisions regarding that child.

Paternity issues can get very complicated for parents in Missouri. Yet, it is important for all parties involved to understand what exactly can unfold once paternity is determined. Our website has more information about paternity issues and how legal guidance and support can clarify those issues and help a parent prepare for any changes or agreements that may be set in motion.