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August 2016 Archives

Fatal pedestrian accidents: Teen driver strikes 14-year-old

Too many young lives are lost on Missouri roads in crashes caused by inexperienced teenage drivers. Although these young drivers may be capable of driving safely under normal circumstances, they are often not equipped to handle emergencies. In one of many pedestrian accidents, a teenager was killed when another one lost control of the vehicle he was driving.

Car crashes: 72-year-old driver dies when hit while turning left

Many vehicle accidents in Missouri are caused by drivers who are distracted or follow too closely behind other vehicles. Drivers who are caught unaware when cars ahead slow down can cause devastating car crashes. A Kansas City road was recently closed for several hours after an accident that led to the death of a motorist.

Car accidents: Alleged failure to yield causes accident injuries

Any motorist can be involved in a crash on Missouri's busy highways. Regardless of how cautious and attentive one driver is, he or she has no control over the actions of other vehicle operators. Victims of car accidents typically have to cope with unexpected injuries and the accompanying financial consequences.

Car accidents: 3-vehicle Missouri crash claims 2 lives

A section of a Missouri Highway 30 in Jefferson County had to be closed for cleaning up activities and investigation after a fatal crash that occurred on a recent Thursday afternoon. This was one of the many multi-car accidents that have claimed lives of motorists on the state's roadways. According to the State Highway Patrol, the crash involved three cars and took the lives of two drivers.