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Car accidents: Alleged failure to yield causes accident injuries

Any motorist can be involved in a crash on Missouri's busy highways. Regardless of how cautious and attentive one driver is, he or she has no control over the actions of other vehicle operators. Victims of car accidents typically have to cope with unexpected injuries and the accompanying financial consequences.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that an accident occurred on Highway Z near Hillsboro on a recent Sunday. A 53-year-old eastbound pickup truck driver from St. Charles apparently initiated a left turn without yielding to a westbound car. He is said to have turned directly into sedan's path, striking the front of it.

Although the pickup truck driver was uninjured, the 34-year-old woman driving the car suffered moderate injuries. She was transported to a medical facility in St. Louis County for the treatment of her injuries. Her condition was reported to be satisfactory on the following afternoon. Officers said both drivers were strapped into their safety belts. It was not reported whether any charges have been filed against the driver who police say failed to yield.

It is not known whether the woman's injuries will have long-term consequences, though they are often experienced by victims of car accidents. The economic impact can be devastating, and victims may pursue financial relief through the Missouri civil justice system. A personal injury claim may be filed, and it will be incumbent on the plaintiff to establish proof of negligence on the part of the other driver. Once liability is formally established, the court will adjudicate any documented claims for damages sustained.

Source: myleaderpaper.com, "Pevely woman hurt in two-vehicle accident on Hwy. Z", Kim Robertson, Aug. 1, 2016

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