There are a variety of ways you can stay out of car accidents, but the truth is that dangerous drivers are out there and they do cause accidents that could involve you. Despite this, taking a few steps to protect yourself can make you less likely to be involved in a crash, and even if you are, the safety steps you take now could help reduce the risk of injuries.

One way to avoid getting into a crash is to be aware of the time when you’re driving. Around 2:00 a.m., is when bars close in many areas, so it would be more likely for dangerous or drunk drivers to be on the road. Even if you aren’t intoxicated, having any alcohol in your system can affect you, so avoid driving when you’ve been drinking.

Another thing you can do to avoid putting yourself at risk is to slow down. Speeding is a leading cause for motor vehicle accidents, so avoid it at all costs. If you see other drivers speeding past you or coming up too close to your rear, let them get around you. It’s not worth the stress of wondering what that reckless driver will do if you have to suddenly use your brakes or slow down.

Finally, choose your vehicle wisely. Opting for one with many safety features won’t likely keep you out of crashes, but it can help you avoid injury if you are involved in one. In some cases, vehicles with new technology can let you know if someone is in a blind spot or if another vehicle is getting close to you, allowing you to adjust to avoid a collision. If you are hit, you will have more information on what happened in your vehicle’s computer in some cases, which could be good information for your attorney.

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