Dangerous drivers exist at any age, but teens are particularly likely to cause and be involved in accidents. These individuals don’t have as much driving experience, which can lead to collisions.

One of the most common issues for teen drivers is the risk of distracted driving. Having extra passengers in the vehicle, having smartphones or digital technology or even trying to study while driving can lead to distractions. These distractions can take a teen’s eyes off the road and lead to a collision.

In Missouri, drivers who are 21 years old or younger are not allowed to text and drive. If a teen driver is caught drinking and driving, a conviction stays on his or her record for 75 years. If a teen becomes involved in an accident due to distracted driving, then that teen will need to go to court and lose any insurance discounts.

There were around 421,000 people injured in crashes with a distracted driver in 2012. Those who are injured have a right to seek out compensation from the driver, who may be a teen in some cases.

Getting into a car accident changes many things for you. You might suffer injuries that force you to take time off work or make it impossible to return at all. You could lose a family member in the accident, or you could find that you have been left without a vehicle. When the accident is a result of a dangerous driver, it’s important that you know your legal right to compensation. You shouldn’t have to cover your injuries when they’re the result of another person’s poor choices.

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