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How do I avoid fatal motor vehicle accidents in Missouri?

Avoiding fatal motor vehicle accidents in Missouri is possible, but there is only so much you can do when driving. There are plenty of safety tips you can follow, but you also need to know that not all fatal accidents are caused by the victim. That is where the problem lies.

When you take matters into your own hands you can do quite a few things to stay safe. The first is never driving impaired, whether under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol and drugs impair your vision, decision making and reaction time when behind the wheel.

Obeying the speed limits is also an important safety tip for avoiding fatal motor vehicle accidents. Speed limits are posted for a reason, to keep all drivers safe from excessive speeds. There's also nothing wrong with going 5 or 10 miles under the speed limit in adverse conditions to ensure safety.

Always wear your seatbelt while in a moving vehicle. This goes for every person in the vehicle, not just the driver. Seatbelts save lives and were created for a reason. Even though they might cause you to break an arm or damage your shoulder during an accident, they will prevent you from being thrown about the vehicle or through the windshield.

Distracted driving is a major issue across the state of Missouri and the country these days. With so many people owning smartphones, more and more drivers are texting while driving, talking while driving, writing emails while driving and more. You should never drive while using a handheld device, unless you can speak on a hands-free bluetooth device. Taking your eyes off the road for three seconds can lead to a life altering accident.

Distractions also include screaming children, changing the radio stations, eating, drinking, shaving, applying makeup, talking to passengers and reading a newspyaper or magazine. None of this should be done while behind the wheel.

Staying safe while driving a vehicle in Missouri can be done if you so choose to do so. But, others might not drive safely. Fatal motor vehicle accidents will always be a part of our society, but there's plenty we can do to prevent them.

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