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March 2017 Archives

Children might have difficulty dealing with unexpected deaths

When a child loses a loved one, it can be difficult to help the child understand what happened. Some children don't have the level of comprehension necessary to make discussing death with them easy. Unfortunately, there isn't much that you can do to remedy the pain that the child is likely to feel. Consider these tips if you are left explaining the loss of a loved one to a little one.

Overloaded trucks can cause serious accidents in Missouri

Overloaded trucks are a big concern on the roads of Missouri due to the serious accidents that they can cause. There are federal regulations in place that prevent trucks from being overloaded, but not all drivers or companies follow them. Here is a look at overloaded truck accidents and the injuries they can cause.

Duty of care in Missouri pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents can be some of the most tragic in Missouri, especially when they could have been avoided. There is a duty of care expected from all parties involved in a pedestrian motor vehicle accident. The driver has a duty of care, the pedestrian has a duty of care and there is special duty of care by drivers for children.

Funeral expenses following fatal motor vehicle accidents

Fatal motor vehicle accidents occur all too often on the roads of Missouri. The victims killed in the crash are not the only victims. Those killed in fatal accidents leave behind children, parents, siblings, friends and other family members whose lives are not turned upside down. There are various funeral expenses following fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Forfeiture: What Happens To Seized Property If You Are Convicted?

Many people are not aware that under the Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act, law enforcement can take property believed to be used in criminal activity. Seized property may include money, cars, weapons or some other type. Law enforcement officers may seize the property when executing a search warrant or at the time of arrest.

Serious injuries caused by Missouri motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are a great way to enjoy the warm weather in Missouri, which is right around the corner. But, they can also be a liability for those who do not know how to properly operate them. Motorcycle accidents can range in severity from minor to deadly, which means the type of injuries riders can suffer also vary. Today we will discuss serious injuries caused by motorcycle accidents.

How to avoid distracted driving on Missouri roads

Distracted driving is an ever-increasing problem throughout the country and Missouri is no exception. Distracted drivers are out there in numbers, but you don't have to become a statistic. It is entirely up to you to avoid distractions while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Here are some important tips to follow.