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Funeral expenses following fatal motor vehicle accidents

Fatal motor vehicle accidents occur all too often on the roads of Missouri. The victims killed in the crash are not the only victims. Those killed in fatal accidents leave behind children, parents, siblings, friends and other family members whose lives are not turned upside down. There are various funeral expenses following fatal motor vehicle accidents.

The negligence or intentional actions of another person could lead to you collecting reimbursement for the funeral expenses incurred from a loved one's death in a motor vehicle accident. The following are just some of the funeral expenses you could incur after a fatal motor vehicle accident:

- Pick up of the body.

- Service fees for the funeral director and all staff working the viewing/funeral.

- The casket or an urn.

- Preparation fees and embalming fees.

- The hearse, limousines and flower cars.

- Viewing and visitation fees for the staff and the facility.

- Memorial service or funeral fees for the staff and the facility.

- Cremation fees.

- Crypt or cemetery lot.

- Grave marker or tombstone.

It is estimated that funerals now cost more than $7,000. If the victim in the car accident did not have life insurance, it will be difficult to pay for the service and burial out of pocket.

Aside from the funeral expenses following a fatal motor vehicle accident, loved ones of the victim could also incur medical expenses. The patient might not have died on scene, which means he or she might have spent time in the hospital receiving prolonged care. The longer the stay, the higher the costs. If the victim dies, someone will be stuck with the portion of the bill that is not paid by the insurance company.

Victims of fatal motor vehicle accidents are not just those who die in the crash, but also their loved ones. Learn your rights in Missouri and protect your family following such an accident.

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