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How to avoid distracted driving on Missouri roads

Distracted driving is an ever-increasing problem throughout the country and Missouri is no exception. Distracted drivers are out there in numbers, but you don't have to become a statistic. It is entirely up to you to avoid distractions while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Here are some important tips to follow.

The first tip is to limit the number of passengers in your vehicle as well as the activity that occurs when driving. The more people in the car, the more likely you are to become distracted while driving. Having conversations with all of the occupants can cause you to lose focus and even take your eyes off the road.

Use your handheld device only in an emergency. This means you should never use it to text, write an email, make a call or read the news while operating the vehicle. Cell phones are great lifelines and can help keep us safe, but should never be used when operating a vehicle unless absolutely necessary.

Should you feel drowsy, get off the road. You should never drive when having trouble keeping your eyes open. This can lead to falling asleep behind the wheel, which almost never ends well. Drowsy driving is comparable to drunk driving, which you should also never do.

When behind the wheel, do not eat, even if you ran out of time at home or the office to finish your breakfast or lunch. Eating food while driving can lead to some serious accidents. The same goes for drinking hot coffee or tea. A spill involving a hot beverage can lead to a nasty accident.

Do not shave, put on makeup, or perform any other grooming activities while driving. This includes trying to tie a tie, button your shirt or fix your belt. All of this takes away from your focus on the road ahead of you.

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