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Serious injuries caused by Missouri motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are a great way to enjoy the warm weather in Missouri, which is right around the corner. But, they can also be a liability for those who do not know how to properly operate them. Motorcycle accidents can range in severity from minor to deadly, which means the type of injuries riders can suffer also vary. Today we will discuss serious injuries caused by motorcycle accidents.

One of the most serious injuries caused by a motorcycle accident is that of head trauma. Even some of the most skilled and experienced riders can suffer head trauma. This injury can still occur even if the rider was wearing a helmet. If the rider is involved in a violent crash, he or she could suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Spinal cord injuries are very serious injuries that can be caused by motorcycle accidents in Missouri. Spinal cord injuries include nerve damage, broken vertebra, pinched nerves, muscle and tissue damage and paralysis. Because the motorcycle does not encompass the rider's body like a vehicle, the rider is more susceptible to serious injuries when involved in an accident. There is nothing around their body to lessen the blow or protect the body.

Broken bones are very common motorcycle accident injuries. Most riders extend their arms to the ground when falling off their bike, which can lead to a broken wrist, arm or dislocated shoulder. Other broken bones include ankles, feet, legs, the pelvis and collar bones.

It is possible for motorcycle riders to suffer temporary vocal cord paralysis during an accident. This can happen if your neck slams into the dash or handlebars of the bike during an accident. Temporary vocal cord paralysis can last a couple of months and might take a lot of therapy to get back into speaking shape.

Victims of motorcycle accidents can seek compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, future loss of wages and medical expenses.

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