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April 2017 Archives

Missouri man facing drug charges after search

Police officers in Missouri and throughout the country often conduct searches as part of an investigation when there is suspicion of unlawful behavior. There are guidelines in place for the law enforcement agencies to ensure that these searches are conducted appropriately. A recent search in Monroe County resulted in the arrest of a Madison man for drug charges.

Distracted driving could result in personal injury cases

Texting while driving has become an increasingly serious problem in Missouri and elsewhere around the country. Police say that the behavior is deadly and often leads to fatal accidents. Reports show that personal injury and fatalities result from car crashes when drivers fail to put down their phones.

4 arrested on drug charges after bust near school

Drug-free zones were established in Missouri and around the country in an effort to minimize the risk to children from being exposed to drug-related activities. If someone is convicted of drug charges in a drug-free zone, that person is likely to face more serious consequences for the same activity than if it had occurred elsewhere. A recent operation in Monroe County has resulted in the arrest of four men on a variety of charges.

3 charged with DUI felonies likely focused on criminal defense

According to Missouri prosecutors, three people have been charged with the felonies of persistent driving while under the influence. The arrests were made in South St. Louis County and Kirkwood over the last several months. While any driving while intoxicated charge is considered serious, a persistent DUI charge carries greater potential consequences, should someone be convicted. Any person facing such a charge will want to mount a strong criminal defense.