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Car Accidents Archives

How to avoid distracted driving on Missouri roads

Distracted driving is an ever-increasing problem throughout the country and Missouri is no exception. Distracted drivers are out there in numbers, but you don't have to become a statistic. It is entirely up to you to avoid distractions while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Here are some important tips to follow.

How to prevent Missouri distracted driver car accidents

Most car accidents can be avoided if the parties involved concentrated on the road in front of them and their surroundings. But, distracted driving is an all-too-common occurrence on the roads of Missouri these days. Here are some tips for preventing Missouri distracted driver car accidents.

Ice to blame for critically injuring teen and killing parents

With the winter weather advisory that has overcome a large portion of the Midwest during the last few weeks of late fall 2016; a whole host of car crashes have resulted from negligent drivers driving recklessly despite the hazardous roadways. To that end, on Friday, Dec. 16, 2016, at least 300 car accidents were attributed the Columbia, Missouri, area's icy roadways alone.

Pickup truck driver's alleged negligence sends 2 to hospital

Crashes on Missouri roads are not at all uncommon. Car accidents are daily occurrences, and they can change the lives of injured victims in an instant. Unfortunately, in many cases, one driver's negligence may cause a collision that causes life-altering injuries to others. Victims are entitled to seek recovery of damages.

Car accidents: Teenager allegedly causes fatal rear end crash

Whenever a driver has to slow down or stop behind another car that is in the process of making a left turn, he or she may be concerned about the alertness of approaching drivers. Too many Missouri lives are lost in car accidents that are caused by drivers who fail to pay attention to what is going on ahead. One such a crash occurred in Laclede County on a recent Monday afternoon.

Car accidents: Passenger dies when car crashes into ditch

Occupants of vehicles that crash while traveling at high rates of speed are more likely to suffer severe injuries than those who travel at the posted speed limits. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to recognize their responsibility for the safety of the passengers in their vehicles. Too many fatal car accidents are reported in Missouri in which passengers lose their lives while apparent negligent drivers survive.

Car accidents: 2 injured in single car crash that killed driver

After the death of a woman in an accident in High Ridge on Aug. 2, another crash recently claimed the life of a driver in the same vicinity. The latest was one of those single-car accidents in which the driver was killed, and the passengers were seriously injured. The Missouri State Highway officers who responded to the scene say the wreck occurred shortly before 9 p.m.

Multi-car crashes: 1 airlifted after 4 vehicles collide on I-70

The Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to an Interstate 70 crash on a recent Monday morning. This was one of many multi\-car crashes that occur in or near road construction zones. In this instance, an earlier accident in a work zone caused traffic to come to a halt in the westbound lanes of the interstate.