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Child Custody Archives

Paternity cases in Missouri can affect families in many ways

Legal orders establishing who the father of a child is are important in many ways and play a significant role in family law matters both inside and outside of family court. The establishment of paternity in Missouri can open the door to a number of legal matters and actions. Those matters can affect the child and both parents in a variety of ways depending on the unique circumstances of each family.

Child custody agreements in Missouri are multi-faceted

A custody agreement is rarely a cut and dry issue that never needs to be revisited by either party. Child custody agreements are often negotiated as to what the details of physical custody will be and also what the details of legal custody may be. Thereafter, it is not uncommon for a child custody agreement to be modified when Missouri parents need to make changes for various reasons.

Child custody can entail both physical and legal custody

Custody is about much more than where a child sleeps at night, although that is an important part of it. For many parents in Missouri, there are complicated dynamics involved and decisions that cannot be foreseen at the time a child custody decision is finalized. Most child custody agreements and decisions will ultimately address issues pertaining to both physical custody and legal custody; therefore, it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Child custody needs to be addressed when split unfolds

There is perhaps no other area of law that evokes more emotion and a sense of urgency than child custody. The child custody process can be contentious, difficult and complex for everyone involved as a divorce unfolds, and the process can continue as the needs and circumstances of those involved change. For Missouri families, it is imperative that parents know the complications and responsibilities that surround matters of both physical custody and legal custody.

Holidays pose challenges to child custody in Missouri

The holiday season is chaotic and hurried enough. When there are issues related to disputes or disagreements regarding child custody, Missouri parents may need to seek outside legal help. While parenting plans are usually explicit and detailed when it comes to holiday breaks and custody arrangements, these plans may not work year after year and may need to be revisited and renegotiated.

Grandmother flees to reservation to avoid child custody issue

The laws governing reservations in the United States and the rights and protections of those on reservations can be in direct conflict with the state law or rights of individuals outside of the reservation. A child custody case is currently unfolding as a dispute between a father and grandmother of two children leads to that grandmother seeking refuge on a reservation. Those in Missouri who have tribal affiliations may be interested in the grandmother's actions and potential consequences.

Child custody decisions involve several components

When parents separate and need to make important decisions regarding minor children, there is a lot more to consider than just where a child will sleep at night. There are two separate elements in most every child custody case. Missouri parents often must address issues concerning both legal custody and physical custody, and it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Alleging bizarre behavior, dad seeks child custody

Once a marriage is dissolved or annulled, a couple will need to work together if there are children involved and share decision-making responsibilities. When the marriage dissolves and there are allegations of abuse, child custody issues may be more difficult for parties to decipher on their own. Court intervention by Missouri family court professionals can ensure parental rights are respected and serious issues are handled fairly and with the best interests of the children in mind.

Temporary order granted international child custody case

Many child custody cases are not simply decided after one hearing. It is not unusual for temporary orders to be handed down in situations in which a family's needs or the children's need evolve over time. When a case crosses Missouri state lines or even international borders, the process of determining child custody can be complex and time consuming for the parents and the children involved.