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Child Support Archives

New legal steps taken to deal with missed child support

When a parent misses a court-ordered payment of support for a child, there are certain actions that may be taken by the other parent and by the state. While most non-custodial parents strive to make child support payments when those payments are due, any parent in Missouri in danger of falling behind may benefit by gaining an understanding of the available options to avoid potentially negative legal consequences. One state has recently decided to enact harsh consequences when a parent is significantly behind in support payments to the other parent.

Lack of child support payments leads to arrest warrant

A former NFL player is being served with an arrest warrant. While players may find themselves in the news for all sorts of activities, both on and off the field, this time it is lack of child support payments that has led to Clint Session being back in the news. Missouri fans may remember that Session's was a linebacker for both the Colts and Jaguars before leaving the league in 2011 due to concussions.

Child support questions need answered in Missouri

Regardless of the state of the relationship between the parents, providing for any shared children is simply the law. Child support is initiated as a means of providing the financial stability and support to ensure basic needs are met. Both parties, the paying parent and the parent receiving child support in Missouri can benefit from knowing where to turn for guidance and just how current guidelines for child support can affect their situations.

Missouri parents may weigh in on child support issues

Child support guidelines provide a baseline for parents to gauge what they may owe or expect to receive. While certain factors in any family may impact the exact amount of child support a parent will owe, the guidelines are clearly set. However Missouri parents may be interested to learn that the courts may soon tackle child support issues related to the current guidelines, and public input is encouraged.

Boxer may lose vehicle over child support debt

When someone falls behind in child support payments, there are several measures that may be taken by the courts to rectify the debt. Child support debt can typically lead to garnishing of wages, confiscation of assets and even jail time. Parents in Missouri who are behind in child support payments may be able to relate to the plight of a boxer and Olympic champion whose struggle to pay child support has garnered news lately.

Football player pays high amount of child support

Regardless of the number of children fathered by an individual, child support is ordered for each and every one of them. The amount of child support that may be ordered by a New York family court it essentially based on the income of the parents, even if that income is not guaranteed for the child's entire childhood. Missouri parents worried about the cost of child support and what to do about an uncertaincome may be interested in the story of an NFL player who has been ordered to pay around $336,000 in child support each year.

Resources and resolutions for child support problems

When a parent has a difficult time meeting a child support obligation, that parent and child can suffer any number of adverse effects. When a parent is behind, unemployed or incarcerated, his or her ability to meet a child support obligation can be terribly compromised. Unfortunately, a parents in Missouri may have no idea what to do to catch up or what resources are available to help both the child and parent avoid the negative consequences of missed child support payments and increasing child support debt.

New license options can help with child support issues

Failure to pay child support comes with a price, especially if a parent has gone a long time without paying at all. One consequence for nonpayment in Missouri is the revocation of a parent's driver's license. For working parents, losing the right to drive can put their jobs at risk and lead to an even greater struggle to pay and stay current with child support payments. One state has evoked a new law to help enforce child support orders while helping the paying parent avoid unemployment as a result.

Postcards reminding to pay child support evoke controversy

Most parents understand the importance of child support and how necessary that support is to the care and welfare of a child. Child support orders in Missouri are also legal matters that may be publicly known or may be considered a private matter for some, as is the case with many financial dealings. One nearby state has taken to sending out postcards as reminders for parents to pay child support, and those postcards are causing an uproar among some parents.

Star seeks child support reduction in court

When a parent seeks a modification of a child support order, it may typically entail a parent seeking more support than she or he currently receives. However, parents may also seek a child support modification based on the belief that they are paying much more than what is necessary for the care and welfare of a shared child in Missouri. Recently, movie star Halle Berry went to court to seek a reduction in the amount of child support she pays her ex-boyfriend.