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3 charged with DUI felonies likely focused on criminal defense

According to Missouri prosecutors, three people have been charged with the felonies of persistent driving while under the influence. The arrests were made in South St. Louis County and Kirkwood over the last several months. While any driving while intoxicated charge is considered serious, a persistent DUI charge carries greater potential consequences, should someone be convicted. Any person facing such a charge will want to mount a strong criminal defense.

The evidentiary issues of police body camera footage

Around the country, law enforcement agencies are adopting body camera technology. The purpose of this effort has been to gather better evidence, to encourage greater transparency and for accountability. However, as body cameras have become more prevalent, glaring issues with the technology have become apparent.

Is recent drug arrest in Hannibal a case in point?

In our last entry, we explored the issue of police traffic stops and how they so often end up leading to serious criminal charges. As we noted, such cases are of events. What such actions should trigger, though, are questions about whether police overstepped their authority and acted in violation of the Fourth Amendment right against illegal search and seizure.