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Drug Charges Archives

Missouri man facing drug charges after search

Police officers in Missouri and throughout the country often conduct searches as part of an investigation when there is suspicion of unlawful behavior. There are guidelines in place for the law enforcement agencies to ensure that these searches are conducted appropriately. A recent search in Monroe County resulted in the arrest of a Madison man for drug charges.

4 arrested on drug charges after bust near school

Drug-free zones were established in Missouri and around the country in an effort to minimize the risk to children from being exposed to drug-related activities. If someone is convicted of drug charges in a drug-free zone, that person is likely to face more serious consequences for the same activity than if it had occurred elsewhere. A recent operation in Monroe County has resulted in the arrest of four men on a variety of charges.

Officer's right to search not a given in a traffic stop

It is not at all unusual to see the following lead in news stories these days. "A traffic stop led to the arrest of a suspect on drug charges." Whether you live in Missouri or some other state, it is not uncommon for authorities to stop a driver and then leverage the stop into an investigation that results in formal charges.

Drug sentences continue to be "ridiculous"

There is an ongoing debate over what is a 'proper' sentence for drug-related offenses. No one argues that major dealers trafficking substantial amounts of Schedule I drugs should not be sentenced to long jail terms. Most are willing to agree that first time offenders, found with trivial amounts of drugs such as marijuana probably should not be sentenced to jail at all.

The application of justice may not be just

The symbol of the court system is often the figure of Justice, depicted as an enrobed woman wearing a blindfold, holding scales in her hand. Justice is blind because she is supposed to dispense justice without regard to position or power. Said another way, if you do the crime, you'll do the time.

On the Supreme Court, no one for the defense

Half a century has passed since the last Supreme Court justice who had experience as a defense attorney was named to the court in 1967. Justice Marshall remained on the court until 1991. He had tried numerous cases as a criminal defense attorney and had experienced the harshest aspects of last century's justice system as it played out on his clients.

Missouri traffic stop raises key questions about legal search and seizure

Police officers do not automatically have a right to search your vehicle in a routine traffic stop. There must be probable cause to conduct a search, and a traffic violation such as speeding, failure to signal or a broken tail light does not in itself constitute probable cause to search.

Racial bias in our laws lessen, still not perfect though

There were a lot of lessons to be learned from the incident in Ferguson. For many across Missouri, including here in Columbia, one of the main lessons learned was that racial bias is still prevalent in our society, perhaps even among law enforcement officers who are tasked with upholding a law that is supposed to be color blind.