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Fathers' Rights Archives

Sperm donor asked to pay child support

In a unique case involving a father's rights and responsibilities, the state of Kansas asserted that a sperm donor who provided material to impregnate a lesbian woman must now pay child support for the baby that he helped to create. The decision has set off a backlash of controversy, with some claiming that the state is politically motivated in its decision. The Topeka man answered a Craigslist advertisement soliciting sperm donations for a lesbian couple who wanted to have a baby together. The man agreed to give the women his sperm, donating it free of charge according to his testimony. He delivered the sperm to the women and also allegedly signed an agreement stating that he would not have any financial responsibility in regard to the child once it was born.

New paternity test can ID father within 8 weeks of a pregnancy

Some Missouri residents might be interested to learn of a new test that allows an expectant mother to learn the identity of the father of her baby within the first eight weeks of her pregnancy. This new testing technology is the first of its kind non-invasive blood test that allows paternity to be established so early in a pregnancy. According to reports, more than half of all births are to unmarried women under the age of 30.

Missouri man loses child custody in State Supreme Court ruling

Imagine you find out you are a father seven years after your girlfriend gives birth, but you later find you have no parental rights under another state's laws because you 'waited too long' to establish a parental relationship. In a rather strange fathers' rights story, a St. Louis, Missouri, man has been denied custody of his 12-year-old daughter by the Supreme Court of another state in a ruling that overturned a lower district court ruling giving the Missouri father custody of his daughter.

Women posed as birth mothers to infiltrate state's adoption agencies

The rights of unmarried fathers vary from state to state, including Missouri, as some of our earlier posts have pointed out. We thought Missouri readers of our blog would be interested in a story involving a group of women who posed as birth mothers to infiltrate adoption agencies in another state. The women claim they just wanted to hear what these agencies would tell them in regards to paternity rights and giving up their babies in an adoption in that state.

Missouri fathers could lose rights with new Senate bill - Part 2

Per our last post, in a new bill heading towards the Missouri Senate fathers must demonstrate consistent involvement with their child in order to protect their parental rights. Currently, in the state of Missouri a father only has 15 days from the day his child is born in which to file for paternity rights. But what if the father was never informed his girlfriend was even pregnant or has already given birth to the child, does he have any rights then?

Latest ruling in 4 year child custody and father's rights dispute

Missouri residents might be interested in one father's quest to gain custody of his daughter. In a case that stretches over four years and two states this father is not giving up on his rights to gain full custody of his now four year old daughter. Two months after the Utah Supreme Court dismissed his case it reversed that decision and reinstated the case.

Get involved with child's education to help your custody case

Missouri dads might want to know that the testimony provided by your child's teachers can have a profound impact on your child custody case, according to a recent report. Oftentimes the court calls teachers in to testify on issues regarding parental involvement in the educational aspects of their children's lives. In determining a father's rights in child custody and parenting time the judge will factor in whether or not a parent is involved in the child's school and participates in any educational decision making responsibilities.